Product Review: Chocolate Ancestor

Hey Everyone!

I had the amazing opportunity to try out a shirt I received from Chocolate Ancestor and I’m happy to share my thoughts on it.

First, for those of you who don’t know about Chocolate Ancestor, they are a black-owned business operated by two sisters, Latoya and Shametrius Long, that sell home décor, apparel, accessories, and gifts that help inspire and promote love and knowledge of self.” A lot of the selections on the site range from black empowerment and support, to black girl magic and afros, GOD, etc.! If you have the opportunity to do so, please go check them out! I can almost assure you that you will find something you’ll like!

I stumbled across their page while “liking” other black empowerment pages on Instagram and instantly fell in love. As a young, black woman who is not only finding myself in God, but widening my knowledge of my culture and wanting to support ourselves more, this company has been such a great find! The shirt I am reviewing is the “God Made It Happen Shirt” (as seen below).


Upon opening the package, I immediately noticed that there wasn’t any glitter on the letters. My eyes had tricked me y’all. I thought I saw glitter in the photo online but after re-reading the description (because reading is fundamental lol) I realized that my perception was off. I honestly wasn’t really worried about the glitter, in my mind I just thought it was a cute touch. However, I could instantly tell that the quality of the shirt was nice. It’s soft and had a little bit of a stretch to it, which I personally like. Their sizes are pretty true to how they are made so the pre-shrunken aspect is something to consider when ordering; I tend to buy a size bigger just in case after I wash it, there’s wiggle room for shrinkage. Although I haven’t washed mine yet (I forgot it at home when I went to wash clothes smh) I wouldn’t know for sure if it will shrink up just a bit more but I’m satisfied with the fit even if it did since it wasn’t snug on me.

I received many compliments when I wore this shirt and I actually wore it to my organization’s (The Impact Movement) general meeting that day which is where most people saw it. I’m a fan of this particular shirt because in this season of my life, God really is making a lot of things happen for me and I am PROUD to let those around me know that. I am very satisfied with this item and definitely plan on purchasing more from them. As I’ve said before, don’t hesitate to check them out! An exceptional business I pray goes big. These sisters that are the pilots of everything really are making sure that love and self-knowledge are being spread!

I pray you all found this useful! Like, comment, and share with family and friends!!!



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