Fearless: Leading Ladies Conference Experience

Alright folks. I really couldn’t help posting about my experience during worship at the conference I attended yesterday evening, and my oh my was my spirit lifted! I mean, I did say I was going to share personal testimonies too right? *referring to my ‘Welcome Page.’ The conference I attended was held at Living Waters Community Church here in San Antonio. From the moment I walked into the sanctuary, the vibe was nothing less than positive from every woman (and gentleman) in the room. I saw a couple of friends from another church I’ve also attended, Family Life International Ministries and The Rock Fellowship, so it’s always great to see familiar faces! Shout to Kevin, Austin, Jasmine, and Josh!

Anyway, like a few other events I’ve attended, the initial ice breaker that happens is the take-a-selfie-with-a-stranger activity, and that’s how this photo happened.fearless-2

Although, I do know these girls because we go to the same school and are in ministry together lol. I sort of cheated. Oh well. Shout out to Jasmine and Jazmyn as well! 🙂 Man I know a lot of Jas/Jaz-min/mine’s LOL.

After the greeting exchanges, we heard a few speakers go on stage to set the atmosphere and to do the raffle drawing, but oh my goodness, the worship began. The singer we had before us is Pastor Cristabel Clack. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I knew I was in for a pleasant treat. Her appearance was just so fashionista-like and her energy exuded from the stage. Talk about nothing but good vibes! Then she opens her mouth, and out comes this amazing worship! I was truly intrigued. My ears, mind, and soul…BLOWN. This pastor can sang y’all! Not sing…sang! Well then it hits me. I was thinking, “she looks familiar.” She photobombed me earlier during the meeting activity! (Sneaking in the middle)fearless-3Had I known that this lady was about to bless my life like that, I totally would’ve gotten an individual selfie. Win some, lose some I guess. I tried to record a little bit to share with those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, but unfortunately I was unable to due to management saying there will be no recording of the night 😦

Oh wait, there’s more! We then get to the actual preaching part of the worship, and coming to the stage is this fly Pastor/Prophetess, Cycelia Matthews!

There’s something about a raspy voice that let’s me know off top that my spirit is really about to rejoice. I can’t even get into full detail so here’s a synopsis of what she touched on:

Scripture came from Luke 7:36-38 & 50 (feel free to read separately for the sake of this long entry lol) and she was talking about how the woman in the passage is fearless and courageous; although life has put odds against her, she is still standing by the grace of God. She was such a sinner that no one wanted to call her by her name. A fearless woman is a woman you stop and watch. This woman – according to the time, date, and place this took place – should have not been able to even enter the same room as Jesus. However, when you’re desperate, you’ll do desperate things. NOTE THIS: No matter what you’ve been through or who’s watching you, continue to have the desire to get to Jesus.

This woman didn’t care about who was looking at her (and neither should you). All she was focused on was making the exchange with Jesus. She took her fragrance oils to Jesus and washed His feet with them. Jesus saw that this woman was so desperate to clean herself of sin, He forgave her. **Don’t you know that when we go to God with our weaknesses, He’ll give us His strength?!** No matter how big or small our troubles are, when you’re at church, take them to the altar and lay them before Him. We may not have everything to offer God, but we do have worship. All we need to do is believe in Him, follow His Word, and He will take care of the rest.

Leave your thoughts and/or questions below! Share this with a friend or family member! It can’t hurt but to pass the love of God around. If you’d like to hear more about my worship experience, feel free to let me know, I’ll be glad to share! Be blessed everyone!



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