Mental illnesses are not just for White People

I’ll admit, that headline is rather bold, but it’s true. Recently I’ve been seeing posts circulating about mental illnesses within the black community being subsided and seen as an [unnecessary call-to-action]. For those of you not living within the realm I’m talking about, often (and not at all times), we are brought up to have tough skin because from birth, odds are mighty and strong against us.

What do I mean by that?

Well, as an African-American woman, I have both been told and have seen for myself what living in this society is like. Most of you may know as well (because of technology and social media) that African-Americans are heavily discriminated against and are seen as inferior in practically every aspect of being there can be. This has stemmed from slavery to present day in an unending agenda of keeping us from progressing. There are laws and lawmakers, people, and ideas that keep us down. I could go on about that but I’d prefer you all to do a little research for yourselves because this is not what my post is about. It is about the consequences of how we are affected day-to-day and within our own homes because of these factors and that we are single-handedly shaping our minds and how we behave.

Growing up I was always told that if I needed help I could talk to somebody. But it wasn’t just left at that. I would hear things such as:

“If you’re crazy, we can take you to someone and have you looked at.”

“I don’t understand why you behave like that. That’s white people stuff.”

“Let me get you tested so I can keep some extra money in my pocket.”

“You wanna kill yourself like the white kids?”

And usually it seemed to be in a sarcastic tone or followed by laughter; sometimes both.  For me, it just always seemed like having a problem wasn’t something I could have. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been times as well that there was genuine concern, but when you grow up hearing these things all the time, it becomes engrained within your mental and you take it to heart. It’s honestly the reason why to this day I hesitate to seek therapy or counseling, because growing up it was…”a white people thing.”

Can I tell you about (personal opinion) the many other black people who have heard the same things I’ve heard? There are many of us! And it’s saddening because as a growing adult now, I see the affects and how it is playing out amongst my counterparts. Why is that we are subjected to hearing these sorts of things from childhood? Why is it that getting help or temporarily having an episode not okay? What is wrong with wanting to talk to someone if you don’t feel mentally stable? Why is it a joke?

Over the past week I have been contemplating the reasons why our families speak like this to each other and I’ve come up with one solidified answer: What we are seeing is generational. From slavery to now, we have been afflicted with the idea that we don’t compare to white people (being born with -1000 points against us as is) and we have been trying to build ourselves up because if we don’t, no one else will. I can’t even blame my ancestors and family members for doing so because that’s how our lives have always functioned! Can you imagine being born with pure innocence, having no clue of what the world holds for you and it is nothing but negativity? Could you imagine that every time you walk out your door for opportunity you are automatically seen as incompetent or incapable?! I’m frustrated as I write this but it is so true. And because of that right there, we see the mental capacity of our own people shifting.

We see from news stories to actual encounters that white people (and not just them) have their way of acting out and having mental problems so we feel like we can’t have those. We have to be stronger in some aspect because of course, we are “weak” in everything else. It’s almost like having any kind of imbalance is solely white related and because we’re black, we’re strong, we come from a lineage/ancestry of strong-willed people, we can’t have any of these issues because we’d be taking a few steps back for ourselves. At the same time, it’s not wrong from our perspective. Take a look at all the things we are already seen as: rapists, thugs, stuck on welfare, illiterate, criminals, murderers, etc. Adding mental illness on top is like the icing on the cake for white people. We can’t supply anything further in this baked up mess we already deal with, right?

Well that type of thinking is how we are seeing our people disintegrate now. We have so many people and things fighting against our abilities to succeed and here we are, trying to compensate in some way for what we see as inadequate and only hurting ourselves more. I’d like to share with all of you reading this, especially my black brothers and sisters, you don’t have to fight that fight any longer. We have ONE body, ONE life to live and because our minds pilot who we are, we can’t let the one essential thing we possess be taken away from us as well. These are different times; not completely but they are still different. We are getting degrees y’all. We have black brothers and sisters out here getting degrees in counseling and therapy and you can go to them if you just feel really compelled not to talk to any other race. Our people aren’t going to school just to say they did it. They are trying to make a difference out here. If it really bothers you to speak to a white person, try requesting a black person. I’m not sure how that works, but I know that as I begin seeking help myself, that’s what I plan to do.

We can’t continue to live in the mindset that we have to be strong on our own (mentally speaking); that we aren’t allowed to have weak moments; that we can’t trust people with our innermost thoughts because we don’t want to be judged. We need to seek the help we have available. And for my folks just now having kids or planning to have kids (heck, if you already do), begin to change the dynamic of the conversation when it comes to needing help. I have seen for my own eyes, literally right in front of me – flesh and blood – lash out because they were not treated and tended to like they should have been. Don’t let that be you. It is so heartbreaking to see family or my community go through this. Set yourself free from the mental suffering and get help. If white people have the ability to control everything else in society and laws about us, the one thing we can’t let them have are our minds. Mental illnesses and disorders are not just for them. They don’t discriminate against anyone and it can strike at any time.

Please share, comment, and/or like to spread the message. Although solely based off opinion and personal experience, I feel it can still make a difference.




It’s Gonna Cost You Somethin’ – Focus on God.

Were (or are) any of you afraid to be judged as you begin getting serious about Christ? Did you think you’d lose any friends? Family even? This phrase has been sticking out to me since I heard it from Prophetess Cycelia at the conference. It’s both calming and nerve-wracking to know that my faith in God will ultimately cause me to lose something. I wish I would’ve heard this prior to my journey but that’s why I’m sharing with you!

When we decide to go forward in our walk with Christ, we’re definitely going to be experiencing some changes – both positive and negative – but ultimately, its for our good. Some may be hesitant, but that’s just you also experiencing what it’s like to lean on your faith. I’ll go over a few things you may lose while on your journey below, but as I’ve mentioned, it can only push you forward!


If they’re not positive influences, let them go. Sounds simple, but when you’re constantly hanging around the same people all the time, you build companionship and the desire to always be around them and what they’re doing. If you’re able to see that whatever you’re participating in with them will hinder your relationship with Christ, you should cut them off. No reason to bring *extra baggage into your walk. It might be hard at first because it’s your norm to accompany yourself with them, but you’ll feel the difference in your energy. Instead, begin to open yourself up to not only just showing up to church, but getting to know other young adults while you’re there, join a ministry, maybe find an organization on campus you can be a part of…something. You’ll want to fill those voids with people who are also seeking God so that you have a support system as well.


This may include going out to parties, listening to secular music, smoking, drinking, you name it #NoShirleyCaesar lol. If what you’re doing is not going to glorify God, let it go. This may be harder than letting a friend go because this is your go-to. Now, I’m not saying all you should be doing is reading your bible, listening to Kirk Franklin or Mary Mary, and staying inside because the world is full of temptation lol. I’m saying that there are indeed other ways to have fun! Being saved does not equate to boring. Those friends you made at church? Kick it with them. The organization you became a part of? Stay involved. Heck, even Facebook has events you can search for and find something to get into. Here in San Antonio, a new friend I’ve made, Josh, hosts this young adult gospel event called LightItUpSA to get us younger people out and exposed to both local and traveling artists, poets, lyricists, etc. who want to spread the gospel! It’s basically a praise party and it really is lit. There are ways to be happy in your walk, you just have to look a little bit in the beginning.


Omg I know, this may hurt some feelings. Don’t worry, mine have been hurt too. I am no saint y’all. I love a good margarita or Long Island with some queso or guacamole during happy hour. However, if you were or are anything like I once was, you know you can go overboard. Sometimes this may happen in a spur-of-the-moment situation or if you’re out to eat, you keep drinking your drinks until your food comes. Either way, this too can be a hindrance. We all know that when we’ve consumed too much alcohol, we are not thinking clearly and possibly end up making irrational decisions or saying out-of-pocket things. Don’t let that continue to be you. Good thing for me, it wasn’t too hard because I had participated in the Daniel Fast this January, but for those that may have a bit of a harder time, ease yourself out of it. I can’t say go cold turkey because then you won’t be successful. But letting go of alcohol or having it once (in moderation) every blue moon will allow you to keep a sober mind and conscience as you continue your walk. I’m also not saying you just can’t have alcohol either; the Bible says not to get drunk with wine, not that you couldn’t have any BUT do so in moderation so that you don’t become wild or drunk. (Ephesians 5:18)


You are your own comfort zone. What I’m learning now is that when the Lord has a purpose for you, you should be open to following it. I had a breakthrough this past Friday at a worship night hosted by my campus’ Voices In Praise Gospel Choir and in those moments, it was confirmed to me that I really need to discipline myself and get on one accord with God. I knew that everything I like doing that does not glorify God will need to cease. That for me is cutting all ties with people and things that are not allowing me to truly move forward in my walk. Everything has an expiration date, and when it comes to my faith, I know I have to surrender myself completely to do what God has called me to do and He’s wanting to do the same for you. Find the places within you that need correcting and give it to God. Pray to Him that He will heal whatever is causing you to stumble and that you’ll use your trials as your testimony.

There are possibly more that I’m missing, but this is what I’ve picked up thus far on my walk. It may differ from person to person, but the overall aspect is that no matter what…if you want to walk in righteousness with God, it’s gonna cost you somethin’.

I pray this does something for someone. Please like, comment, and share with family and friends! Be blessed!


*Extra baggage meaning you will have your own things to deal with in your walk so no need to bring anyone else’s.

Product Review: Chocolate Ancestor

Hey Everyone!

I had the amazing opportunity to try out a shirt I received from Chocolate Ancestor and I’m happy to share my thoughts on it.

First, for those of you who don’t know about Chocolate Ancestor, they are a black-owned business operated by two sisters, Latoya and Shametrius Long, that sell home décor, apparel, accessories, and gifts that help inspire and promote love and knowledge of self.” A lot of the selections on the site range from black empowerment and support, to black girl magic and afros, GOD, etc.! If you have the opportunity to do so, please go check them out! I can almost assure you that you will find something you’ll like!

I stumbled across their page while “liking” other black empowerment pages on Instagram and instantly fell in love. As a young, black woman who is not only finding myself in God, but widening my knowledge of my culture and wanting to support ourselves more, this company has been such a great find! The shirt I am reviewing is the “God Made It Happen Shirt” (as seen below).


Upon opening the package, I immediately noticed that there wasn’t any glitter on the letters. My eyes had tricked me y’all. I thought I saw glitter in the photo online but after re-reading the description (because reading is fundamental lol) I realized that my perception was off. I honestly wasn’t really worried about the glitter, in my mind I just thought it was a cute touch. However, I could instantly tell that the quality of the shirt was nice. It’s soft and had a little bit of a stretch to it, which I personally like. Their sizes are pretty true to how they are made so the pre-shrunken aspect is something to consider when ordering; I tend to buy a size bigger just in case after I wash it, there’s wiggle room for shrinkage. Although I haven’t washed mine yet (I forgot it at home when I went to wash clothes smh) I wouldn’t know for sure if it will shrink up just a bit more but I’m satisfied with the fit even if it did since it wasn’t snug on me.

I received many compliments when I wore this shirt and I actually wore it to my organization’s (The Impact Movement) general meeting that day which is where most people saw it. I’m a fan of this particular shirt because in this season of my life, God really is making a lot of things happen for me and I am PROUD to let those around me know that. I am very satisfied with this item and definitely plan on purchasing more from them. As I’ve said before, don’t hesitate to check them out! An exceptional business I pray goes big. These sisters that are the pilots of everything really are making sure that love and self-knowledge are being spread!

I pray you all found this useful! Like, comment, and share with family and friends!!!


Fearless: Leading Ladies Conference Experience

Alright folks. I really couldn’t help posting about my experience during worship at the conference I attended yesterday evening, and my oh my was my spirit lifted! I mean, I did say I was going to share personal testimonies too right? *referring to my ‘Welcome Page.’ The conference I attended was held at Living Waters Community Church here in San Antonio. From the moment I walked into the sanctuary, the vibe was nothing less than positive from every woman (and gentleman) in the room. I saw a couple of friends from another church I’ve also attended, Family Life International Ministries and The Rock Fellowship, so it’s always great to see familiar faces! Shout to Kevin, Austin, Jasmine, and Josh!

Anyway, like a few other events I’ve attended, the initial ice breaker that happens is the take-a-selfie-with-a-stranger activity, and that’s how this photo happened.fearless-2

Although, I do know these girls because we go to the same school and are in ministry together lol. I sort of cheated. Oh well. Shout out to Jasmine and Jazmyn as well! 🙂 Man I know a lot of Jas/Jaz-min/mine’s LOL.

After the greeting exchanges, we heard a few speakers go on stage to set the atmosphere and to do the raffle drawing, but oh my goodness, the worship began. The singer we had before us is Pastor Cristabel Clack. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I knew I was in for a pleasant treat. Her appearance was just so fashionista-like and her energy exuded from the stage. Talk about nothing but good vibes! Then she opens her mouth, and out comes this amazing worship! I was truly intrigued. My ears, mind, and soul…BLOWN. This pastor can sang y’all! Not sing…sang! Well then it hits me. I was thinking, “she looks familiar.” She photobombed me earlier during the meeting activity! (Sneaking in the middle)fearless-3Had I known that this lady was about to bless my life like that, I totally would’ve gotten an individual selfie. Win some, lose some I guess. I tried to record a little bit to share with those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, but unfortunately I was unable to due to management saying there will be no recording of the night 😦

Oh wait, there’s more! We then get to the actual preaching part of the worship, and coming to the stage is this fly Pastor/Prophetess, Cycelia Matthews!

There’s something about a raspy voice that let’s me know off top that my spirit is really about to rejoice. I can’t even get into full detail so here’s a synopsis of what she touched on:

Scripture came from Luke 7:36-38 & 50 (feel free to read separately for the sake of this long entry lol) and she was talking about how the woman in the passage is fearless and courageous; although life has put odds against her, she is still standing by the grace of God. She was such a sinner that no one wanted to call her by her name. A fearless woman is a woman you stop and watch. This woman – according to the time, date, and place this took place – should have not been able to even enter the same room as Jesus. However, when you’re desperate, you’ll do desperate things. NOTE THIS: No matter what you’ve been through or who’s watching you, continue to have the desire to get to Jesus.

This woman didn’t care about who was looking at her (and neither should you). All she was focused on was making the exchange with Jesus. She took her fragrance oils to Jesus and washed His feet with them. Jesus saw that this woman was so desperate to clean herself of sin, He forgave her. **Don’t you know that when we go to God with our weaknesses, He’ll give us His strength?!** No matter how big or small our troubles are, when you’re at church, take them to the altar and lay them before Him. We may not have everything to offer God, but we do have worship. All we need to do is believe in Him, follow His Word, and He will take care of the rest.

Leave your thoughts and/or questions below! Share this with a friend or family member! It can’t hurt but to pass the love of God around. If you’d like to hear more about my worship experience, feel free to let me know, I’ll be glad to share! Be blessed everyone!


You Are Enough

I didn’t have the opportunity to post yesterday so it’s pertinent that I post today lol. We’re all human right? I can make some mistakes.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, correct? I bet there were a lot of you who don’t have a significant other and felt lonely, correct? But why? Is it seeing other people happy and in love something you desire? Maybe it’s the appreciation aspect; wanting to feel like you mean the world to someone. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be in a relationship to have those things. Yes, including being in love, though people will have different interpretations of that.

I want to let you know that just because you don’t have a significant other, does not mean you have to be sad, frustrated, or envious. Can I share a secret? There are plenty of folks out there who are in relationships but are not happy. May I share one more? You are already enough. You shouldn’t have the heart to feel as though you need one day out of the year to make you feel that way. To be honest, your significant other should be making you feel like that 365 days of the year (if you have one) and if it’s only taking place on that specific day, there’s something wrong.

Many times, we find ourselves wanting to be in a relationship simply because, from the outside looking in, it looks wonderful. However, I honestly feel that you can’t get to that place until you are complete (or at one) with yourself first. What do I mean by that?

God’s purpose for us – in regards to relationships – is to have someone who compliments us; not complete us. Before we can pour love, time, sacrifice, energy, etc. into someone else, those areas inside of us need to be filled first. As my Pastor Michael Steve Brown put it best this past weekend at service, “Love that is based off feeling is fickle; love needs to be filling.” Seeking a relationship with the hopes of someone else filling those voids for us should not be the intent of us searching in the first place. The time spent in your singleness is opportunity for you to truly get to know yourself; what you do/don’t like, setting and achieving goals, traveling, developing stronger bonds with family and friends, growing in God…the list goes on. Do not see it as a period of loneliness because it’s honestly some of the best moments to yourself that you can get.

Now I’m not some love guru, but these are things I’ve been able to determine based off of my past relationships, seeing some of my friends in their relationships, and attending seminars or workshops. Personally, I know I’m single because I know God is working on me so that I am whole and ready (complete) when He sends me my significant other. There will be no question about knowing if me or my spouse are ready to be together because God will have manifested Himself in us. If you find yourself feeling inadequate of being able to be loved by someone else, try taking a look at these items below to help fill yourself up.

  1. Spend time hanging out with friends. Sounds basic and cliché but it truly works. A GNO (Girl’s Night Out) or MNO (Men’s Night Out) can do the trick.
  2. Try new things; a coffee shop, crossing off something on your bucket list, road trip, etc.
  3. Look at some of your goals that you can begin to work on.
  4. Attend workshops and/or seminars on self-development, leadership, or another area that intrigues you.
  5. Engage in old hobbies you may have forgotten about.
  6. Mentor youth. When they ask you questions (because they will have some), you’ll not only be able to give them insight, but really think about some of your actions and decision-making too.
  7. Treat yoself! Self-explanatory lol! Sometimes we need to spoil ourselves and that’s okay. Just do it in moderation so you don’t go broke!
  8. More importantly, develop and grow that relationship with God. Someone may think that sounds “churchy,” but I tell ya, when you are allowing the Word to become a part of your life, I PROMISE it will make a difference!

If you have any comments, feel free to share them below! I pray this does something for someone. Also, feel free to share!

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” I Corinthians 13:4-7 NKJV

Passion and Purpose #JustDoIt

Ya know, I had intended on posting different content this week, but I really felt the need to share the importance of fulfilling God’s purpose.

We all have things that we love doing; whether it be reading, writing, singing, acting, dancing, pottery, public speaking…you name it. If it’s something you have a passion for, it was given to you for a reason. You love doing the things you do because it not only brings you happiness, but God sees so much purpose for you in it. We have these gifts and talents, but often times, we grow to hear that we should be more practical about what it is we need to be doing in adulthood and those gifts are pushed to the back burner. But why?! Something I can’t stress enough to young kids, is that whatever you LOVE doing, do it.

I’ve always had the passion to be in front of a camera or being on stage, whether it was performing or speaking to the audience. I love DIY projects and home goods, and I love sharing stories about what I’ve been through (or going through) and being able to inspire others. That is NOTHING like interior design – my current major – lol. I’ve tried sharing these thoughts with some friends, and the feedback I had been getting was that I need to just finish my major and go back to what I love doing later.

No sir, no ma’am.

So I took the plunge and decided I needed to focus on what I’m passionate about so I could live out God’s purpose in me. I mean, who are you living your life out for? Yourself and God? Or other people? Maybe you’re just afraid to fail? That thought is completely okay. How many successful people can you name that had it all figured out? There aren’t many, and everyone has to start from somewhere. If you’re hesitant about taking a leap of faith, ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you able to find happiness in what you’re currently doing?

2. Would you be able to tell someone with utmost honesty, that you’re truly satisfied with where you are?

3. Are you simply going with the flow? Or are you pursuing your purpose?

4. If you’re in college, would you be okay with paying off a degree you took out loans for and you’re not using it?

5. Do you still find your vision tangible?

Personally, #4 sealed the deal for me. There is no way I’m paying for a degree that I don’t intend on using. Even if you’re not in college, whatever your passion is, pursue it. Let God use you to not only be content with who you are, but to give Him glory. When you allow God to guide your path, I promise it only goes up from there. He wants to see us happy, and part of that is glorifying Him. Below is a scripture from my devotional this morning, 30 Days to Greater Faith via Holy Bible app, that touched on this directly. I pray it does something for you! Be blessed!

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:8-10

Seeking God Sooner

I don’t know about y’all, but often times I think about “What if I had sought out God sooner?” And surely enough I begin to think of all of the hurt and sin I could have avoided had I done so. But how does someone know to do that when there’s no guidance?

Before I dig too into this, I just want to clarify that my household growing up was (and still is) and godly-based household. I’ve always heard my mom talk about God and her prayers to Him. She had always made sure we prayed, would tell us some of His miracles she’s received with Him in her life, and to some extent, attended church regularly. But the church attendance didn’t last too long through adolescent days BUT we always still had the option to go; she would just drop us off.

As a kid though, I WANTED to go to church; I was always glad to be there. Not that I could fully grasp what my cousin (he was the Pastor at the church I went to) was saying, but I just knew the message was good. I was a praise dancer and usher, sometimes I’d volunteer to read the passage/scripture for the day, and wanted to attend church events. But again, as a kid, I didn’t want to do any of that by myself. My sisters didn’t care to go and like I said, my Mom would be open to dropping me off but not staying herself. What happened? I don’t know. Still a question that lingers in my mind today.

So back to this guidance thing. I find it to be very important that not only someone is being taught who God is, but also building that relationship with Him too. I truly feel that someone who knows the Lord should be actively investing in someone else who does not. I mean, people can learn who God is on their own, but what good does that do for the unbeliever/unsaved who has a hard time understanding? Or what about someone who reads the bible but is messing up the contents? Even to the extent of hearing someone talk about how they know God but sometimes their actions don’t align with His Word? That’s how we find ourselves taking part in various sins and hurting – physically, emotionally, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually.

At my home church a few weeks ago, Rev. Mays (Mt. Sinai Church in Austin, TX) was preaching that not only do we, as disciples, get people to know who God is, but we have to continue “training up” the people we bring to Christ so that the relationship blossoms and then they too, may bring others to Christ. I fully agree with this. Too often people are brought to Christ and then left to continue seeking Him on their own. Failure #1. That’s another reason of many, why I have this blog. I do encompass other aspects in my blog, but the most essential part of my purpose is to get people to see who Christ is, share personal testimonies, provide tools that continue to lead you all individually, and build up a community that has their questions and we can all exchange answers.

Had I been able to be more invested in God prior to 2016, man oh man…I think I’d be in a better place with who I am. Not to say that I’m not now because I do take into consideration that I had I not gone through what I have thus far, I probably wouldn’t appreciate my relationship with Him to the extent that I do. I’ve grown to know that God’s plan and purpose for me was crafted JUST FOR ME. At this point, I have to continue to grow and be intentional about knowing God’s Word. You should as well. One thing I can’t stress enough to friends and family is that there is no set “time” you can get to know the Lord. That invitation is open at any given moment. It doesn’t have to be at church; it can be at your school, in your bedroom, walking down the street, riding the bus, you name it! In the same moment though, you never know when the Lord will decide that your time on earth is up. Always remember that the next year, month, week, day, or hour is not promised to any of us. We are not privileged to wake up everyday. It is blessing.

Take time to get to know God. If you have questions, you are more than welcome to e-mail me or comment below. It can be about anything! I just want to make sure I’m pouring into someone else spiritually. Now, I am not the Word of God so I can’t answer some stuff to a point, but we can seek and find the answers together! I pray this does something for someone. Be blessed everyone!

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and know that I am with you always, even to the end of age. Amen.” – Matthew 28:19-20 NKJV

I Need You To Keep Pushing

Good evening folks!

I pray you all have had a great Monday! As for me, to be quite honest, it didn’t go the way I planned and I’ll tell you why, but first, I have to ask:

How many of you feel like your day-to-day is simply routine? There’s no fulfillment out of doing the things you normally do and maybe you feel like your time and attention could be focusing elsewhere?

Oh you feel the same? Okay, I’m not alone here. I just have to share something that has been on my mind and found myself in the midst of wanting to breakdown because it is all becoming real. Well, what becoming real you ask? COLLEGE. College in the last couple of semesters have been very trying for me. I just feel like my calling is not aligning with my major. What is my major you ask? Interior Design. I can get more into that another time since I realize I haven’t mentioned anything about me yet (lol) but I need to share with you how I’m trying to go about making sure God’s purpose for me is being carried out.

Very recently, I’ve decided to venture out with blogging and connecting with others through social media about God and His love, highlighting and emphasizing the magic of black women and people, as well as personal things in my life such as college, church, volunteerism, etc. because in some way or another, I pray I help or inspire someone along the way. This sudden realization is what is driving my focus away from school. It’s almost like I’m pulling teeth. And I’m sure someone can agree because maybe once upon a time ago you really loved what you were doing but now you’ve had a change of heart because you feel your life is taking a new direction. Guess what? That is completely okay.

Not too long before I told myself that I needed to share this (because it was in my heart to), I heard God tell me, “I need you to keep pushing.” Although very faint, I indeed heard it in the middle of my mind running a million words per minute. And it calmed me. Though I’m not sure which direction He was pointing me in (school or my dreams), I know that I can’t let my wanders and fears keep me from getting to where HE needs me to be. You should do the same. If you ever find yourself with a whisper in your ear telling you which step to take, take it. If it doesn’t work out, at least you gave it a try. The goal is to keep moving forward; succumbing to distractions only takes you backwards. The phrase “let go and let God” is very prevalent here. Not to say to throw your hands up and be done, but to give your troubles to Him through prayer and then continue doing the best you can to make sure that you are also putting YOUR best foot forward.

Completing my degree right now is difficult because I don’t feel engaged with the material and coursework like I used to. But for the sake of making these student loans and time spent these last 5 years worth it, I know I need to push through. If you are in the same season as me, feel free to comment below some helpful tips and/or advice for other readers who may be in the same predicament to use for themselves. I want to make sure all of us are reaching our full potential! If you have anything on your mind as well, you may comment or e-mail me to share!

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18 (NKJV)

Welcome to Bri360!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog, Bri360, where I aim to engage both the saved and unsaved, and ultimately, captivating the thoughts of the young African-American. I have been inspired by the many trials I’ve encountered (even more so recently) and feel the need to share with you all how God is allowing my stories to become testimonies while letting young adults know that everything will be okay. All of us endure various seasons of positive and negative, but how do we overcome or praise them? And to my spectators who don’t know God but want to know more about Him, are you aware of the tools and resources – aside from attending church – that will allow you to grow closer to Him? Being saved isn’t about the Dos and Don’ts; living a strict lifestyle. You can definitely still have fun without indulging in sin.

What I hope to gain with you all is to be more open about my journey with God and how listening to Him (or not) has affected me in so many ways. I want to share inspirational scripture that gets me going, devotionals that are thought-provoking, how I started on my journey, how YOU can grow in your journey, how I stay active in my journey, and so on. Hence, why I included the 360 piece. Every aspect of knowing God that I am aware of, I want to share. And not only that, but also providing my perspective on life; what it’s like being a young, African-American college student in the world we live in. Whatever my mind can think of, I’m sharing it lol! I am in NO WAY perfect; but with the expectation of society, you’d think we all need to be, right? Sike. The first scripture I’d like to share with you, and some of you may know it, but Romans 3:23 states, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Allow yourself to truly take it in because no matter how “perfect” we think we are, we are not.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from beginning or keeping in stride with their journey, I too struggle at times, but it is imperative that we all continue to pick ourselves up when we do fall and know that just because we did, we don’t have to stay there. The beauty of being a child of God, is that He loves us regardless because Jesus took all of our love to the cross with Him when He was crucified.

I just hope you can see that the love and Word of God I plan to share and explore with with you all shows in everything I do. You will hear me say this from this point forward: I consider myself to be a seasoning salt. With my actions, I always want to make sure the lessons I’m learning and the knowledge I’m gaining from both my Pastor and college ministry I take part in, are truly penetrating the lives of others. And because I consider myself a seasoning salt, I will always be sprinkling a little flavor everywhere I go  🙂

Be blessed and I’ll be writing you again soon!