Nice to meet you and welcome to Bri360!

Bri360 is a comprehensive blog containing content in relation to Jesus, lifestyle, and uplifting young, African-American adults. I hope to inspire and encourage everyone who comes across my blog to not only pursue an all around healthier lifestyle, but ultimately, finding God and themselves in the process!

I just hope you can see that the love and Word of God I plan to share and explore with you all is exemplified in everything I do. You will hear me say this from this point forward: I consider myself to be a seasoning salt. With my actions, I always want to make sure the lessons I’m learning and the knowledge I’m gaining from both my Pastor and college ministry I take part in, are truly penetrating the lives of others. And because I consider myself a seasoning salt, I will always be sprinkling a little flavor everywhere I go  🙂

Be blessed!