Welcome to Bri360!

I believe God gives us second chances for a reason and because of that, I have recently decided to revamp this blog. Previously, it had been so cut and dry and that’s not my personality AT ALL (so I apologize in advance if my previous posts aren’t your cup of tea lol).

I’m 23, a college student, and still trying to grasp this “adulting” thing. *shrugs* I have always loved sharing my experiences, teachings, interests, etc. with others so that’s how I got here. Originally (and still to some extent), Bri360 has been a comprehensive blog fusing my lifestyle of being young, black, and Christian. I will still be implementing those aspects, but I enjoy 3 million other things too that are worth sharing, hence, the totality of the 360 part. I consider myself to be a seasoning salt, and because I do, I will always be sprinkling a little flavor everywhere I go  🙂 If you have a prayer request, head over to the ‘Contact’ tab or send one to bri360blog@outlook.com! #Bri360 #RVMPD

Be blessed!