I Need You To Keep Pushing

Good evening folks!

I pray you all have had a great Monday! As for me, to be quite honest, it didn’t go the way I planned and I’ll tell you why, but first, I have to ask:

How many of you feel like your day-to-day is simply routine? There’s no fulfillment out of doing the things you normally do and maybe you feel like your time and attention could be focusing elsewhere?

Oh you feel the same? Okay, I’m not alone here. I just have to share something that has been on my mind and found myself in the midst of wanting to breakdown because it is all becoming real. Well, what becoming real you ask? COLLEGE. College in the last couple of semesters have been very trying for me. I just feel like my calling is not aligning with my major. What is my major you ask? Interior Design. I can get more into that another time since I realize I haven’t mentioned anything about me yet (lol) but I need to share with you how I’m trying to go about making sure God’s purpose for me is being carried out.

Very recently, I’ve decided to venture out with blogging and connecting with others through social media about God and His love, highlighting and emphasizing the magic of black women and people, as well as personal things in my life such as college, church, volunteerism, etc. because in some way or another, I pray I help or inspire someone along the way. This sudden realization is what is driving my focus away from school. It’s almost like I’m pulling teeth. And I’m sure someone can agree because maybe once upon a time ago you really loved what you were doing but now you’ve had a change of heart because you feel your life is taking a new direction. Guess what? That is completely okay.

Not too long before I told myself that I needed to share this (because it was in my heart to), I heard God tell me, “I need you to keep pushing.” Although very faint, I indeed heard it in the middle of my mind running a million words per minute. And it calmed me. Though I’m not sure which direction He was pointing me in (school or my dreams), I know that I can’t let my wanders and fears keep me from getting to where HE needs me to be. You should do the same. If you ever find yourself with a whisper in your ear telling you which step to take, take it. If it doesn’t work out, at least you gave it a try. The goal is to keep moving forward; succumbing to distractions only takes you backwards. The phrase “let go and let God” is very prevalent here. Not to say to throw your hands up and be done, but to give your troubles to Him through prayer and then continue doing the best you can to make sure that you are also putting YOUR best foot forward.

Completing my degree right now is difficult because I don’t feel engaged with the material and coursework like I used to. But for the sake of making these student loans and time spent these last 5 years worth it, I know I need to push through. If you are in the same season as me, feel free to comment below some helpful tips and/or advice for other readers who may be in the same predicament to use for themselves. I want to make sure all of us are reaching our full potential! If you have anything on your mind as well, you may comment or e-mail me to share!

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18 (NKJV)


3 thoughts on “I Need You To Keep Pushing

  1. Sometimes it is hard to push on like this, but if you still feel it in your spirit, it might be the thing to do. I know I had faced a time in my life where I had to make a similar decision. I am not sure I made the right one, but now I have come to the point of trusting God in spite of myself. Some things may not make sense. I have tried for some things and have been rejected. That’s ok. That’s not the right direction for me (at least not for now). If it was, I would have succeeded. I gave up trying to figure it out all by myself and started praying. Now I have put my confidence and trust in Christ. I don’t have it figured out, but I know he is the author of all things and I am trusting Christ to lead me where I need to be (even if it seems crazy). So, if these same opportunities come up (and I feel let to pursue them) I will with deep intensity, knowing that if this is Gods will then I will succeed (even if it makes no sense to anyone else). I am praying, having faith, and pursuing Christ. I know he has my best in mind and even if I never accomplish something that amounts to anything in the worlds eyes, I will have served Christ the way I needed to. I will have that perfect peace in my life that only he gives.

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    1. Thank you for this! I keep getting stuck between knowing if God is trying to get me to pursue the path He has for me or if it’s just my thoughts and personal desires yelling at me. Either way, you’re right. If God has it in His plan for me to do these things, I will succeed. I also saw a post the other day about keeping God’s vision for yourself secret because it’s not for everyone to know until it’s ready to be shared. Thank you so much!

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