Welcome to Bri360!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog, Bri360, where I aim to engage both the saved and unsaved, and ultimately, captivating the thoughts of the young African-American. I have been inspired by the many trials I’ve encountered (even more so recently) and feel the need to share with you all how God is allowing my stories to become testimonies while letting young adults know that everything will be okay. All of us endure various seasons of positive and negative, but how do we overcome or praise them? And to my spectators who don’t know God but want to know more about Him, are you aware of the tools and resources – aside from attending church – that will allow you to grow closer to Him? Being saved isn’t about the Dos and Don’ts; living a strict lifestyle. You can definitely still have fun without indulging in sin.

What I hope to gain with you all is to be more open about my journey with God and how listening to Him (or not) has affected me in so many ways. I want to share inspirational scripture that gets me going, devotionals that are thought-provoking, how I started on my journey, how YOU can grow in your journey, how I stay active in my journey, and so on. Hence, why I included the 360 piece. Every aspect of knowing God that I am aware of, I want to share. And not only that, but also providing my perspective on life; what it’s like being a young, African-American college student in the world we live in. Whatever my mind can think of, I’m sharing it lol! I am in NO WAY perfect; but with the expectation of society, you’d think we all need to be, right? Sike. The first scripture I’d like to share with you, and some of you may know it, but Romans 3:23 states, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Allow yourself to truly take it in because no matter how “perfect” we think we are, we are not.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from beginning or keeping in stride with their journey, I too struggle at times, but it is imperative that we all continue to pick ourselves up when we do fall and know that just because we did, we don’t have to stay there. The beauty of being a child of God, is that He loves us regardless because Jesus took all of our love to the cross with Him when He was crucified.

I just hope you can see that the love and Word of God I plan to share and explore with with you all shows in everything I do. You will hear me say this from this point forward: I consider myself to be a seasoning salt. With my actions, I always want to make sure the lessons I’m learning and the knowledge I’m gaining from both my Pastor and college ministry I take part in, are truly penetrating the lives of others. And because I consider myself a seasoning salt, I will always be sprinkling a little flavor everywhere I go  🙂

Be blessed and I’ll be writing you again soon!


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